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Dave's Page

Building the SFI Vega
Dave documents building his Turbo Vega (in HTML)

'77 Hatchback
Extra files about Dave's 3.8 Turbo Vega

Hot Air Turbo
A bunch of data Dave has culled from other sites on the engine and turbo he's using (in HTML)

Building the LT1 H-body
Dave documents building his LT1 Vega (in HTML)

Willie Conversion
Extra files about Dave's LT1 Vega

Building a Better 10bolt Rear End
(in HTML)

H-Body Conversion Tips
A collection of information from various websites (in HTML)

Converting a GM FWD Wiring Harness
using a GM FWD wiring harness for the GN engine (in HTML)

Cooling and Air Conditioning
Scans from the '79 Monza Service manual and other useful information

H-body AC Made Easy
How I Installed Monza A/C in a Vega (in HTML)

Roller Painting Vega
Painting the Vega on the Cheap(in HTML)