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Directory'79 Sunbird Wagon2007-05-25 09:06-
DirectoryShermans Cosworth2007-05-25 09:06-
DirectoryOther Cars2007-05-25 09:06-
FileVega Back Seats.JPG2007-05-25 09:06 28k
FileVega Driver's Interior.JPG2007-05-25 09:06 32k
[IMG]L Frt Qtr new Whls.bmp2007-05-25 09:06 228k
FileVega Front Disc Brake.JPG2007-05-25 09:06 28k
[IMG]Radiator Core Support Clearance.bmp2007-05-25 09:06 228k
[IMG]Willie Engine Top View.bmp2007-05-25 09:06 228k
FileLisa Jenni Willie.JPG2007-05-25 09:06 40k
[IMG]Engine Front.bmp2007-05-25 09:06 228k
FileVega Cowl and Eng2.JPG2007-05-25 09:06 44k
[IMG]Engine Comp't Dress-up.bmp2007-05-25 09:06 228k
[IMG]Balancer-Crank Clearance2.bmp2007-05-25 09:06 228k
[IMG]LH Eng Comp.bmp2007-05-25 09:06 228k
FileVega 76 wht Dave English 270.JPG2007-05-25 09:06 124k
[IMG]Engine Cold Air Ducting and Computer.bmp2007-05-25 09:06 228k
[IMG]Engine LT1 Final Mount.bmp2007-05-25 09:06 228k
[IMG]Wheels New.bmp2007-05-25 09:06 228k
[IMG]Interior Front Seat Passenger Side.bmp2007-05-25 09:06 228k
[IMG]Tread.bmp2007-05-25 09:06 228k
[IMG]Interior Console Megashifter.bmp2007-05-25 09:06 228k
[IMG]Transmission mount and Crossmember.bmp2007-05-25 09:06 240k
[IMG]Exhaust System 2.bmp2007-05-25 09:06 228k
[IMG]Steering Clearance Headers.bmp2007-05-25 09:06 200k
[IMG]Wrecked Front End.bmp2007-05-25 09:06 228k
[IMG]Engine RH Side Clearance.bmp2007-05-25 09:06 228k
FileVega 76 wht Dave English 90.JPG2007-05-25 09:06 128k
[IMG]RH Side.bmp2007-05-25 09:06 196k
[IMG]Muffler with Tips.bmp2007-05-25 09:06 228k
[IMG]Wheel-Tire.bmp2007-05-25 09:06 228k
[IMG]LH Side New Whls.bmp2007-05-25 09:06 228k
FileVega Cargo Area.JPG2007-05-25 09:06 36k
FileVega 76 wht Dave English Dash and Console.JPG2007-05-25 09:06 132k
FileDesktop.ini2007-05-25 09:06 4k
[IMG]Hood.bmp2007-05-25 09:06 228k
FileVega 76 wht Dave English Seats 45.JPG2007-05-25 09:06 128k
FileVega 76 wht Dave English Brake Rotors and Calipers 2.JPG2007-05-25 09:06 64k
FileVega 76 wht Dave English 315.JPG2007-05-25 09:06 128k
[IMG]RH Rear Quarter.bmp2007-05-25 09:06 196k
FileVega L Side3.JPG2007-05-25 09:06 36k
FileVega 76 wht Dave English 45.JPG2007-05-25 09:06 128k
FileVega L Side2.JPG2007-05-25 09:06 40k
FileVega Passenger Interior.JPG2007-05-25 09:06 36k
[IMG]Interior Seats Old.bmp2007-05-25 09:06 228k
FileVega R Side.JPG2007-05-25 09:06 48k
[IMG]LED LH Lights.bmp2007-05-25 09:06 228k
FileBrake Calipers and Backing Plate 2.JPG2007-05-25 09:06 60k
[IMG]RH Remote Fill and Alt.bmp2007-05-25 09:06 228k
FileBrakes-back.JPG2007-05-25 09:06 48k
FileVega Hood.JPG2007-05-25 09:06 32k
[IMG]Astre Core Support.bmp2007-05-25 09:06 228k
[IMG]Engine Mounts with Temp Spacers.bmp2007-05-25 09:06 204k
[IMG]Cargo Area.bmp2007-05-25 09:06 228k
[IMG]LH Front Quarter.bmp2007-05-25 09:06 180k
[IMG]Front Plastic, Fender Liners and X-Brace.bmp2007-05-25 09:06 228k
[IMG]LH Woody Door.bmp2007-05-25 09:06 228k
[IMG]Wrecked LH Corner.bmp2007-05-25 09:06 228k
[IMG]Seats.bmp2007-05-25 09:06 228k
[IMG]Core Support LH.bmp2007-05-25 09:06 228k
[IMG]Interior Drivers side Old.bmp2007-05-25 09:06 228k
[IMG]Throttle Body Linkage.bmp2007-05-25 09:06 232k
[IMG]Engine in Bay.bmp2007-05-25 09:06 228k
[IMG]Wrecked LH Fender, Door, Cowl and pillar.bmp2007-05-25 09:06 228k
[IMG]Compare Manual to Power Steer.jpg2007-05-25 09:06 16k
FileVega Air Intake.JPG2007-05-25 09:06 32k
[IMG]LH Front Quarter Elevated.bmp2007-05-25 09:06 172k
[IMG]Steering Clearance Manifold .bmp2007-05-25 09:06 228k
[IMG]Interior Gauges.bmp2007-05-25 09:06 228k
[IMG]Wankel Vega.jpg2007-05-25 09:06 48k
[IMG]Willie RH with Fender.bmp2007-05-25 09:06 228k
[IMG]Engine Valve Dress Close-up.bmp2007-05-25 09:06 228k
[IMG]Engine LT1 in Bay2.bmp2007-05-25 09:06 228k
[IMG]Core Support RH.bmp2007-05-25 09:06 228k
[IMG]Dave with Erik's Vega.jpg2007-05-25 09:06 4k
FileVega Cowl and Eng.JPG2007-05-25 09:06 36k
FileVega L Eng Compt.JPG2007-05-25 09:06 40k
[IMG]Air Filter and LH LED Lights.bmp2007-05-25 09:06 228k
[IMG]Wrecked LH Fender.bmp2007-05-25 09:06 228k
FileVega R Front Qtr.JPG2007-05-25 09:06 40k
[IMG]Interior New Seat.bmp2007-05-25 09:06 228k
FileVega 76 wht Dave English Inst Panel.JPG2007-05-25 09:06 132k
FileVega Rt Eng Compt.JPG2007-05-25 09:06 40k
FileVega Back.JPG2007-05-25 09:06 44k
[IMG]Interior Drivers Side.bmp2007-05-25 09:06 228k
FileVega R Rear Qtr.JPG2007-05-25 09:06 36k
[IMG]4 Wheels.bmp2007-05-25 09:06 228k
[IMG]Exhaust System with Tips.bmp2007-05-25 09:06 228k
FileVega Front L Otr2.JPG2007-05-25 09:06 36k
FileVega Front Seats.JPG2007-05-25 09:06 32k
FileBrakes Calipers1.JPG2007-05-25 09:06 40k
FileVega Front L Qtr.JPG2007-05-25 09:06 36k
FileVega 76 wht Dave English 0.JPG2007-05-25 09:06 128k
[IMG]Motor mounts and Steering.bmp2007-05-25 09:06 228k
[IMG]Oil Pan Clearance2.bmp2007-05-25 09:06 196k
[IMG]Front 5 Lug Rotors.bmp2007-05-25 09:06 228k
[IMG]Rear.bmp2007-05-25 09:06 192k
[IMG]Remote Fill and Heater Hoses.bmp2007-05-25 09:06 228k
[IMG]Steering Clearance Manifold 2.bmp2007-05-25 09:06 228k
[IMG]Under Hood and Cowl.bmp2007-05-25 09:06 228k
[IMG]RH Interior.bmp2007-05-25 09:06 228k
FileVega 76 wht Dave English Eng Cmpt 270.JPG2007-05-25 09:06 128k
FileVega 76 wht Dave English lights on 45 .JPG2007-05-25 09:06 128k
[IMG]Interior Passenger Old.bmp2007-05-25 09:06 228k
[IMG]Trans and Oil Pan.bmp2007-05-25 09:06 188k
FileVega 76 wht Dave English Eng and Cowl 135.JPG2007-05-25 09:06 128k
FileVega 76 wht Dave English Rear End Disk Brakes.JPG2007-05-25 09:06 64k
[IMG]Wheel Comparison.bmp2007-05-25 09:06 228k
[IMG]Steering Box Clearance.bmp2007-05-25 09:06 228k
[IMG]LED RH Lights.bmp2007-05-25 09:06 228k
[IMG]K-brace.bmp2007-05-25 09:06 204k
[IMG]Front.bmp2007-05-25 09:06 228k
FileVega Front Quarter.JPG2007-05-25 09:06 128k
[IMG]RH Front Quarter.bmp2007-05-25 09:06 184k
[IMG]Willie LH no Fender.bmp2007-05-25 09:06 228k
[IMG]Willie Rad, Fans and Temp Grille.bmp2007-05-25 09:06 228k
[IMG]Rt Rear Qtr New Whls.bmp2007-05-25 09:06 228k
[IMG]Engine LT1 in Bay.bmp2007-05-25 09:06 228k
[IMG]LH Inner Fender.bmp2007-05-25 09:06 228k
FileVega Rear Disc Brake.JPG2007-05-25 09:06 28k
[IMG]Engine RH Bay.bmp2007-05-25 09:06 228k
[IMG]Willie White Front End.bmp2007-05-25 09:06 228k
[IMG]RH Eng Comp.bmp2007-05-25 09:06 228k
FileVega 76 wht Dave English Rear Disk Brakes 90.JPG2007-05-25 09:06 128k
FileWillie4.JPG2007-05-25 09:06 36k
[IMG]Radiator Backside.bmp2007-05-25 09:06 228k
FileWillie1.JPG2007-05-25 09:06 56k
[IMG]Oil Pan Clearance.bmp2007-05-25 09:06 228k
FileWillie5.JPG2007-05-25 09:06 36k
FileWillie3.JPG2007-05-25 09:06 44k
[IMG]Y-pipe.bmp2007-05-25 09:06 228k
FileWillie6.JPG2007-05-25 09:06 44k
FileWillie2.JPG2007-05-25 09:06 36k
FileVega Inst Panel.JPG2007-05-25 09:06 132k
[IMG]Exhaust System.bmp2007-05-25 09:06 228k
[IMG]Engine LH Bay.bmp2007-05-25 09:06 228k
[IMG]LH Fender.bmp2007-05-25 09:06 228k
[IMG]Cold Air Ducting and Computer.bmp2007-05-25 09:06 228k
[IMG]Radiator and Fan Mock-up.bmp2007-05-25 09:06 232k
FileVega Dash and Console.JPG2007-05-25 09:06 132k
FileVega 76 wht Dave English Front Disk Brakes 90.JPG2007-05-25 09:06 128k
[IMG]Radiator and Fans.bmp2007-05-25 09:06 228k
[IMG]Front View no Sheetmetal.bmp2007-05-25 09:06 228k
FileWillie6a.JPG2007-05-25 09:06 44k
[IMG]Hood and RH Fender.bmp2007-05-25 09:06 228k
[IMG]Wheel and Tire Rear.bmp2007-05-25 09:06 228k
[IMG]Interior Back Seats.bmp2007-05-25 09:06 228k
[IMG]Interior Delco Stereo.bmp2007-05-25 09:06 228k
FileVega 76 wht Dave English Air Filter 45.JPG2007-05-25 09:06 128k
[IMG]Headers LH.bmp2007-05-25 09:06 228k
[IMG]LH Side.bmp2007-05-25 09:06 176k
[IMG]Body Work Driver's Door.bmp2007-05-25 09:06 228k
[IMG]Astre Core Support 2.bmp2007-05-25 09:06 228k
FileBrake Backing Plate1.JPG2007-05-25 09:06 40k
[IMG]Inst Panel.bmp2007-05-25 09:06 228k
[IMG]Balancer-Crank Clearance.bmp2007-05-25 09:06 228k
[IMG]Engine Dress-up and Computer.bmp2007-05-25 09:06 228k
FileVega 76 wht Dave English 135.JPG2007-05-25 09:06 128k
[IMG]Accessory Pulleys and Belts.bmp2007-05-25 09:06 204k
[IMG]Radiator Backside 2.bmp2007-05-25 09:06 228k
FileVega L Rear Otr.JPG2007-05-25 09:06 36k
FileBrake Calipers and Rotor.JPG2007-05-25 09:06 56k
[IMG]Willie Eng with hood.bmp2007-05-25 09:06 228k
FileVega Front 2.JPG2007-05-25 09:06 40k
[IMG]Headers RH.bmp2007-05-25 09:06 228k
[IMG]LH Interior.bmp2007-05-25 09:06 228k
[IMG]Engine RH Compt.bmp2007-05-25 09:06 228k
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